Meet Ike

Ikes Turf Owner Jeff EichenbergerOwner and operator of Ikes Turf, Jeff Eichenberger, has over 13 years experience in the golf course management industry. He was also an accomplished junior golfer competing in numerous provincial championships and two Canadian Junior Golf Championships. Realizing the long and bumpy road to a successful playing career, Jeff attended and graduated from the University of Guelph with a Diploma in Turfgrass Management. After graduating he accepted a position as an Assistant Superintendent for a new course being built in Thornbury, Ontario called Lora Bay Golf Club. Building a course from the ground up and nurturing it to maturity, Jeff has assembled the skill set and knowledge necessary to promote himself as an expert.

His passion for golf and belief in artificial turf products and their playability lead him to create Ikes Turf. When you hire Jeff and his team you’re not hiring some generic landscaper or golfer who thinks they’re a landscaper – you’re getting the total package. A company that is passionate about their designs and builds – a result that achieves total customer satisfaction.

Jeff created Ikes Turf with a goal to separate himself from the other players in the game. He does this by creating unique and aesthetically pleasing designs, ones that are functional and will stand the test of time – all while using the best products and installation techniques in the industry; techniques that he has learned and created himself.

Ikes Turf Owner Jeff EichenbergerJeff is excited about this new partnership between Ikes Turf and Celebrity Greens as it has created a powerful alliance that will allow Ikes Turf to stand out as a premium name in the landscape industry. This collaboration between the two companies is effortless because both Ikes Turf and Celebrity Greens already share the same values. As an Exclusive Partner for Celebrity Greens, Ikes Turf has entered into a network of industry professionals that contain a lifetime of experience that will compliment what Ikes Turf has already achieved.

In the end, all this means is Ikes Turf is committed to satisfying the most important person in all of this.. you the customer!


Ikes Turf & Celebrity Greens

Ikes Turf is now a Celebrity Greens Exclusive Partner.  What does this mean for our customers? It means Ikes Turf is committed to continuously evolving to provide expert service while still using the best products and installation techniques the turf industry has to offer.

Celebrity Greens hand selects their dealer’s as they want only the best in the industry associated with their name. Ikes Turf is proud to represent their brand knowing that both companies share the same philosophies. That’s why a partnership between Ikes Turf and Celebrity greens is so effortless – both companies are aligned and focused on providing outstanding results.

The Celebrity Greens network of dealers is a fraternity that allows members to have access to a lifetime of experience. This is a powerful alliance and one that separates Ikes Turf from all the other players in the Ontario synthetic grass industry.