The proof is in the putting...

Our ability to visualize the end result and execute is what Ikes Turf is all about. From concept to completion installing your artificial golf green is both art and science. Ikes Turf uses only the best synthetic grass products available incorporating advanced construction and installation techniques to ensure your investment in your very own backyard putting green will be enjoyed for years to come.

Ikes Turf has the knowledge and experience necessary to redefine your outdoor recreational experience. Whether it’s a small residential area or estate property, we have the skill set to complete your masterpiece. A strategically designed synthetic golf green can help improve your short game and lower your score on the golf course. There is nothing better then having access to your own personal synthetic golf green morning, day, or night.

The truth about turf.

Although there are two types of synthetic putting greens (polypropylene and nylon) to choose from, there is only one that performs and offers the most realistic playability compared to a real golf green. And, that is a sand in-filled polypropylene green. Compared to nylon greens, that are essentially a short pile dense carpet, polypropylene greens require approximately 7lbs of sand per square foot.

There are many companies out there that claim that non in-filled nylon greens are the preferred choice and that they simulate the action of a real golf green. They also claim they putt better, receive shots better and require virtually zero maintenance. A couple claims have some merit. Nylon greens putt well and do require less maintenance. However, aesthetically they look totally fake and the ball does not react realistically when you hit a shot of any distance into a nylon green.

Companies that promote nylon greens and dismiss sand in-filled polypropylene greens claim it is the sands fault. The sand will harden and compact over time making the green unplayable. Back when the concept was first invented that might have been true. But, technology and installation methods have improved tremendously over the years. And for those, like Ikes Turf who have taken to time to perfect this system, we are able to offer our customers the best possible synthetic golf experience. Creating a sand in-filled synthetic grass golf green is as much art as it is a science.

Just to fill you in...

Let’s quickly talk about the sand. Having your backyard golf green play like a real green is all about using the proper construction materials, the right sand and using the proper sieve size (size of sand particle.) We use a premium sand that is sub angular and uniform in size. Picture a jar of marbles that are all the same size. When placed in the jar and stacked on top of one another the marbles will have pore space between them and theoretically are able to move around. That is the same concept with the premium sand we use. This same concept is applied when growing turf on USGA (United States Golf Association) specified greens. The proper sand size creates porosity in the profile of the green so nutrients, water and air are easily accessible to the root system. And, most importantly the ability to reduce compaction. Even with a lot of use and heavy traffic the sand is ‘mobile’ and will resist compaction. In fact, the laboratory tests from the sand manufacturer we use guarantee their sand will not compact.

As you can tell Ikes Turf is passionate about using polypropylene turf as our choice for our artificial golf greens. This chatter that nylon is better than polypropylene sand in-filled greens is all slander. Ikes Turf takes pride in offering nothing but the best products and materials available. Partner that with our installation techniques and perfectionist attitude and we produce the most realistic and most enjoyable artificial golf green you will play on.

If you are continuing your research on what is the best solution for your backyard golf green, put it this way. When speaking to other companies who promote nylon greens ask them how many golf pro’s endorse their nylon greens.   I bet you can count them all on one hand. Check out our videos from renowned golf instructors Hankey Haney and Peter Kostis and see what they have to say!

Tee time: Anytime!

Ikes Turf offers complete tee lines services for your golf course practice facility or commercial driving range. Our premium synthetic turf products offer great stability when teeing up your ball. No more trying to balance the golf ball on the tee or hitting off those treaded rubber tees. Let Ikes Turf help your golf course’s practice facility recuperate faster without impeding anxious golfers. If you have poor drainage on your driving range or if wet weather makes the hitting area undesirable, let our products and installations systems get your golfers back out and practicing without the mess and inconvenience of real turf.  No more wet divot splash back, dirty clubs, or excessive wear to the grass due to saturated conditions.

There are a few different techniques and installations available depending on your facilities circumstance. Ikes Turf offers complete turn key solutions for your golf club or driving range so you don’t have any worries about the construction process. Contact us today to find out more about how Ikes Turf can help enhance your practice facility.